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Friday, December 6, 2013

Weber State Basketball Giveaway!

As proud sponsors of Weber State athletics, we are excited to announce that we will be giving away a basketball signed by coach Randy Rahe on February 7th!  Randy coached Damien Lillard, who was drafted to the Portland Trailblazers NBA team, and earned the title of "Rookie of the Year" in 2012.  Rahe has been an integral piece of their basketball success, and his potential as a coach is limitless.

We have had the opportunity to scan many of Weber State Athletic's past negatives and photos, and it has been a privilege to be a part of preserving their history as an institution.  

Need your photos, negatives, slides, movie film, video tapes, or other film converted to digital?  Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry, where memories are transferred with the respect they deserve.  As a family run business, Larsen Digital takes every opportunity to make your order the best they can.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Talking About Memories This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to sit around with loved ones and talk about those things which we are grateful for and that have made us the people we are today.  To make the most of your time and conversation, consider these talking points to bring out the most laughs, memories, and maybe even tears this holiday.

-What was your favorite vacation and why?
-Do you have a favorite picture from your past?  Describe it and what was going on that day.
-What moment in your life most impacted you?
-Why are you grateful for each person in the room?
-What is your most embarrassing moment?  (CLASSIC)
-If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
-What past Thanksgiving do you most remember?
-What would you like to accomplish by next Thanksgiving?
-What movie or book character would you most like to be for one day?

Reflecting on your life and past is extremely therapeutic, and learning about someone else's prior years is a great way to view them for who they really are.  Memories are one of the most important things we have to hold on to, so it's imperative to make the most of them in order to move forward.  Sharing memories with those we care about most can enhance relationships, and bring joy to any situation.  Once you start re-living the past it's hard to stop!

One great way to make sure the past never dies is to convert all your photo and video memories to a digital format, where they will never degrade.  It will immortalize your past and bring joy to generations to come, making your legacy live on forever.   To learn more about converting your film to digital, visit Larsen Digital, the most trusted name in the film conversion industry.

Larsen Digital specializes in scanning your photos, negatives, slides, video tapes, movie film, scrapbook pages, audio tapes and more to a digital format.  Using the best technology and skilled workers, Larsen Digital guarantees that your memories will be digitized with the care and respect they deserve.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thought: Memories Last Forever

The following is a personal experience of a Larsen Digital Team Member:

My grandmother, in her 70's, has had steadily declining health for the past 10 years.  Recently, she underwent heart surgery, and many were worried that she would not come out of it alive.  I had the opportunity to take her old photos, and and convert them to digital.  Afterwards, I created a slideshow for her with inspirational and uplifting music to help raise her spirits.

Upon watching this memory filled creation, tears and laughs were all my grandma could muster.  The look back at the life she has lived was, for her, exhilarating as well as heart warming.  She is now in a rehabilitation center recovering from her operation, so we decided that since photos can re-invigorate  numerous thoughts and past times in one frame, we would make a picture decoration for her to bring a little bit of joy into her otherwise plain room.

Having my grandma in this situation has caused me to reflect on the many experiences I have had with her.  Whether it was her teaching me how to sew a quilted vest that I cherished for years to follow, or her recounting the time in her life when she was a drummer in a band.  She shared many of her experiences of which I will never forget.

The quote for today's thought is true.  While for some life lasts a short while, the memories that life has held will last forever.  We can keep the stories we've been told and the times we've shared stored in our minds, but we can also preserve the pictures of those we love, and make them last for generations to come by converting them to digital.  The combination power of thought and imagery can do wonders for the soul.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Larsen Digital Specials

Converting your memories to digital can be stressful and expensive, but make no mistake- it will be a decision you cherish forever.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the pastimes of your life more easily, but so will generations to come. 

Digitized Photos and Film offer you the opportunity to view those moments whenever, wherever you are.  Even from your tablet or smartphone!  You can also take advantage of the Cloud, where your images are kept safe and sound.  Not only does the Cloud offer you peace of mind, but it allows you to view your past from any computer with internet with your personalized log in information.

To make the process as smooth as possible, we offer specials to help you in the film conversion process.  Take advantage of these deals today, and never look back- well, take a look back at what an awesome life you've lived :)

Edit, View & Share Videos Online

edit video online, Pixorial cloud storage and editing
Exclusive offer for FREE 30 days Pixorial Premium Membership through Larsen Digital.
Convert your videos with us, and then choose Pixorial to store, customize, and share your digital memories. Pixorial offers the most convenient way to edit and share videos - all online. There is no need to buy expensive software or a "learn to edit" video - in just a few steps you can personalize your videos, clipping to your favorite moments and adding captions, titles and music. Once you've created a unique masterpiece, you can easily share it with loved ones!

Free Sample Scans
Not sure who to have convert your film? We know that sending your precious film out to be scanned can be frightenting, stressful and overwhelming. That is why we offer free sample scans for 35mm slides, 35mm negatives & photos to ensure you that Larsen Digital is the best choice in preserving your memories!

Free Return Shipping!
Receive Free Fed Ex Ground Shipping.
*$100 Minimum Order

Code: FreeShip

For more details on these deals, visit our Specials page!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Copying Image and Video Files From Disc to Computer

Getting files from a disc to your computer is easy!

Step 1

First, you want to put the disc in your computer. Once your computer has loaded the disc you should see a pop up asking what you want to do with the disc. Scroll down to "Open Folder View Files". This will allow you to see all the data files on your disc.

Step 2

You will want to select all the files on your disc. To do this, click once on the first file while holding down the SHIFT key and then click on the last file while still holding the shift key. Now all your files should be highlighted.
Right click with your mouse & select "COPY"

Step 3

Now you just need to locate where you will be saving your files.
Open Windows Explorer or go to "My Computer" you will want to select a spot on your hard drive to save your files. See below for instructions to create a new folder
To paste your files onto your computer you right click & select "PASTE".
Your files will start to copy to your computer. This may take some time depending on the size of the files & the speed of your computer.

Creating a Folder to save your files

You don't want to just "dump" your files onto your hard drive. You will want to have them saved in a folder with a title.

Step 1

Inside Windows Explorer or "My Computer" you will want to select a drive where you want the files saved. Once you have selected your drive, you will right click & select "NEW" & then select "FOLDER"

Step 2

Next you will want to name your folder - use a name that applies, don't leave the default title of "New Folder (1)". If you accidentally set the folder name and want to change it, click once on the folder & right click & select "RENAME". This will allow you to rename your folder.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Remember When: There Were TV Commercials Selling VHS Tapes?

I'm sure this commercials brings back many memories of buying VHS Tapes for our precious camcorders, and the pride we felt as we shot each tape filled with our loved one's most endearing moments.  While Video Tapes are no longer a used method to capture our life's current events, the joy we have in our old tapes still remain.  Unfortunately, your time with the footage on your VHS tapes is limited, as they are deteriorating every single day.
Video tapes are made up of magnetic strips to communicate the captured video and sound to your VCR player, and then to your TV.  As time passes that magnetism becomes weaker and weaker until signals get lost.  Have you ever stuck your tape in to watch and noticed horrible streaking throughout the screen?  This is the result of your priceless memories losing it's magnetism.  This loss of signal is permanent damage to your tapes, and there is no way to fix or repair it.
This is why it is so important to convert your VHS tapes to digital in a timely manner to avoid as much deterioration as possible!  Once your videos are digitized, the degradation and loss of magnetism STOP!  There is no decrease in quality, and you have the opportunity to watch your videos anytime, anywhere, and share them with anyone you choose.
Learn more about VHS tape conversion today and save your memories!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Horrors of Holding Memories on Film - Part 1: Got Kids?

The hard thing about any physical item?  It can be ruined in a flash!  Holding your memories on film is no different.  Today, we will discuss a scary occurrence that can happen to your priceless past if kept in photo and video form.  The following is a true story.

Got Kids?

I was going through my mom's old photos and found some really cool pictures of my grandparents.  I had set two photos aside in a pile of "most importance" to convert to digital, and walked away to complete some motherhood duties to my beautiful, innocent, perfect kids.  After getting some work done, I decided it was time to resume my project of going through my mom's old pictures.  I got to the doorway of the room where they were resting.  I see the prized photos from afar and I immediately feel terror run through my body.  I took a couple of steps closer to be sure if the fright I felt was warranted.  I was nauseous.  As I stood there, I saw pieces of my mother's pictures lying on my desk.  Torn.  My wonderful children were destroyers of the past.
Immediately, I took my photos to Larsen Digital to see if they could restore the damage that had been done.  I feel so lucky and grateful that they were able to digital fix the photos, and no appearance of rips, tears, or damage are prevalent.  Would this whole situation have been easier had I already converted my mom's film and photos to digital?  YES!  Would it have saved me money in the long run?  YES!  Was getting the photos restored, and converting them to digital worth it?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  Now that it is in digital form, no child can rip or tear it again.
-Christa, Ogden, UT

(below are the actual before and afters of the torn photos)

Larsen Digital Services specializes in taking your photo and film memories, and making them last lifetimes.  We know that the endurance of physical film can be short lived, which is why it is our mission to find every piece of film and convert them to digital!  When your past is in digital form, it makes sharing, remembering, and storing easier than you could imagine.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Name That Costume!

What was this little girl for Halloween?

Photo taken circa 1981

Larsen Digital specializes in taking the moments you've captured on film, and preserving it in a format that will last lifetimes to come!  Whether it's photos from a Christmas morning, or move film from your child's birthday, all your life's greatest moments deserve the best.  

Not only does Larsen Digital use the best equipment for the job, but they keep all work in the USA- keeping your priceless belongings as safe as they can be.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

King of Queens Clip - What do your pictures say about you?

Larsen Digital takes your precious film memories and converts them to digital to make it easy on you!  Not only is it easier to look through your photos, but it is also more convenient to share with your friends and family once they are digitized.  Larsen Digital offers digital photo restoration services to meet your needs, and give free quotes to help you make the best decision for your past.  Keeping all your film and photos in the USA and in a fire proof room, your memories are sure to be treated like royalty - the way they deserve.

To see the coupons we are currently offering, visit our Specials page!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unsolved Family Mysteries

Every family has them.  Those debates on what really happened to set up an infamous photo.  Whether they are funny, sad, or happy moments, everyone has their own side of the story.  Watch this video and relate to the pain and agony this family feels as they try to discover what really happened.

Larsen Digital strives to preserve your memories with a personal and unique touch.  With the best equipment on the market to convert your old film to digital, Larsen Digital truly has the capability and the talent to bring the life back into your photos and videos.

Services Include:
Movie Film
Video Tapes
Audio Tapes
Vinyl Records
Digital Photo Restoration
and More!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Makeover: Halloween Edition

All your precious memories deserve the royal treatment when it comes to bringing them back to life. Whether they are from a holiday, a birthday, or a treasured vacation, each piece of your film will stand out with our color correction services.

Our editing process occurs after your film has been scanned and converted to digital on our high quality equipment by trained PhotoShop experts.  While some images and files may require a little more help and time due to storage conditions or tragic mishaps, all memories are worth it.

Automated color and fade corrections are included in the price of your scan, but you can opt to spend a little more for a finer tuned, individualized editing option.  For those photos that have been innocently colored on, or film that has been ripped or is moldy, our restoration services are the route for you.  We have seen photos that have been crumpled, as well as those who want persons taken out of their photo, and we can do it all.  

Check out our different editing options depending on the state of your film.

Larsen Digital Services is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry, where your film and work will always stay in one location in the USA.  We are proud to be a family run company, and we know what it takes to make sure your memories receive the quality, care and respect they deserve.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hiding Halloween Memories

We document the most important and special events with your cameras.  Whether it is a birthday, a holiday, a wedding, or a much needed family vacation, the moments that we want to cherish the most are the ones that we choose to capture with our film.  In earlier years, it used to be that film for cameras was so expensive to purchase and then to develop, that people could only afford to spend their frames wisely on momentous occasions.

Why then, are so many influential memories kept on film where they are degrading each day, when they could be preserved forever in a digital format?  

Often times we forget the joyous events that our film holds.  We forget the emotions we had on certain days, and we forget some of the activities done with those we love the most.  When you convert those priceless pieces to digital, re-living those moments is incredibly easy and also extremely convenient.  You have the opportunity to view your legacy anytime, anywhere.

Take care of your most prized possessions by converting them with the best.  Larsen Digital is a family run company who knows what it takes to make the most of your family's greatest moments.  Treating your film and photos with the care and respect they deserve, Larsen Digital guarantees that your past will come back to life and bring smiles to the faces of all who see your digital images and videos.

Visit us for more information on Larsen Digital.  To send your film in, check out our order form.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weber State Tailgating Party Winner!

As proud sponsors of Weber State Athletics, we have had so much fun contributing to the tailgating parties prior to each home football game.  At these parties, we have loved meeting those in the community that are in need of our services.  Every game, we have a drawing where the winners can win a Coach Jody Sears signed football, gift certificates to Larsen Digital, or 6 tickets to the next home game.

The winner of 6 tickets to the next home football game against Montana State on October 19th  is...


Congratulations Ken!  The tickets can be picked up at our office anytime before the game.

Want your chance to win?  Stop by our booth at the next tailgating party on the 19th and enter for your chance to get a prize!

Larsen Digital is the premier provider of film conversion services.  As a family run business, we know the importance of your cherished memories, and maintain a level of quality to treat them with the respect that they deserve.  Services include the conversion of Movie Film, Slides, Video Tapes, Negatives, Photos, Vinyl Records, Audio Tapes, and MORE!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Proudly Announcing New Super8 Audio Transfers!

We are so excited to announce to new service to our line of excellent and superior conversion services.  We have been one of the top providers for Super8 Movie Film, and are now expanding that to transferring Super8 Audio as well!

Our visual memories are so important to us, and speak volumes of our past, but when you can add voices and sounds to the imagery, it just boosts the sentimentality of that moment in time to another level.  Often when we think of mothers or siblings or grandparents that have passed or that we don't see often, we think of how they used to read us stories, sing us songs, or even the nicknames they would use.  When you preserve your audio along with your pictures and film, it floods your mind with those memories and those voices.

The new Super8 audio transfer service will be performed at no extra cost to our amazing customers.  To order your Super8 Movie Film transfers with sound, visit our order form today!

Larsen Digital is a premier provider of film conversion services.  We transfer photos, slides, movie film, video tapes, negatives, medium and large format film, vinyl records and much more to digital, giving you the freedom to do what you want with your memories!  Your film will degrade and deteriorate over time, but once the digital conversion process is complete, the digital files will never experience fading or mold.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Film is Digital- Can I REALLY Just Throw it Away?!

It is such a fulfilling feeling knowing that all your old film has been converted to digital, preserving it for lifetimes to come, but then come the hard part.  What do you do with your old film once it has been digitized?  Well, many people say, and we have said it before- you CAN throw it away.  Just because you CAN place all your memories in the trash, does that mean your SHOULD?  

Technically, once your photos, videos, negatives, slides, videos, and other old format photos have been scanned and converted to a digital format, they are good forever and they will not degrade over time.  However, to ensure your digital files are kept safe for generations to enjoy, you will want to make several precautions in backing up all your images and video files in the cloud, and on external hard drives in case of computer crashes.  The more places you store your precious belongings, the better off you are.  If you follow this advice, and you do store your digital legacy safely, then yes, you COULD throw your film away.

We really can think of only two benefits to throwing your paper and physical film away.  They include: 1-Saves space!  Think of that corner in your basement that has been occupied by stacks and stacks of boxes containing your life's captured moments.  It would be empty!  2- It can be therapeutic to move from one phase of your life to the next.  You are moving into the digital world fully and completely with no looking back!  

Now, there are also a couple of negatives associated with permanently getting rid of your film.  1- It can be extremely heartbreaking.  While your possessions are now in digital form and preserved forever, to some, throwing these belongings away can feel as though you are just throwing your past aside without a care.  2- If you do not store your digital memories properly, and computers were to prove unreliable, your memories literally are erased.  With your physical film still in possession, if your converted media were to be erased, you would still have another opportunity to keep your memories around.  While the quality of the film will not be as good as initially converted since film deteriorates over time, it would still be better than nothing.

So while you COULD throw your physical photos, move film, slides, videos, and negatives in the garbage after digital conversion is complete, and you have taken every precaution in backing them up, the choice is really up to you.  It is a personal decision that is emotional for everyone.  We have no doubt that your memories have the opportunity to last more than a lifetime, as long as they are taken care of, but it really comes down to whether or not your heart can handle it.

Haven't yet converted your film to a digital form yet?  Larsen Digital Services is one of the top names in the film conversion industry.  As a family run business, we truly know what it takes to take your family's history, and make it the best it can be by preserving it forever.  Our services are many including but not limited to: Slides, Movie Film, Video Tapes, Negatives, Photos, Audio Tapes, Vinyl Records, and Scrapbook Pages.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Organize Your Digitized Film!

You have completed the task of sending all your precious photos, negatives, and other film types to be converted to digital.  You decided not to organize your film before they were digitized, and you elected not to organize your images through our IOS post scanning.  Now all you are left with is jumbled up files.

It is so nice having organized files and images to easily be able to call back to.  If you have a good organizational system in place, you should know exactly where to find that photo of Johnny blowing out the candles of his 8th birthday cake.  It can be extremely overwhelming though!  Where do you start?  Well we are here to help you get on your way to a more orderly set of visual memories.  Starting.... NOW!

Step 1-  Decide how you want to store them.  Are you going to upload them to the cloud for storage?  We highly suggest it due to the safety and convenience it offers your files.  Have you decided to forego a cloud service and just want to store it locally?  Determining where you will keep your images may affect how you organize them, as you may want your method to be easily understood by others, should you choose to share your legacy or images.  Again, we will state this because we want to help you keep your digital past as secure as possible.  We recommend saving your images to as many places as possible, including in the cloud!  This includes storing it locally, on external hard drives, Discs, etc.

Step 2- Decide how you want your digital files to be organized.  Would you like to organize them chronologically by year?  This is probably the most common method.  Then, if you decide, within each year you can have sub folders for events, such as Christmas, or Matt's Wedding.  You can also choose to organize them by person, but with this method you will most likely want one picture in more than one folder, so you will be copying and pasting a lot - which makes for easily passing on images to your kids or grandchildren, but it does require some extra work.

Step 3- Get all your photos in one place!  It will make your life so much easier if you copy all your digitized film in one place, saving you the time of going back and forth.  Save them all to the place you have decided to store them locally.  Then, after you have organized them locally, you can upload them to the cloud, and transfer copies onto an external hard drive, and your organization will transfer along with it.

Step 4- Get to Work!  What we recommend doing, if you are a Windows user, is to create all your folders FIRST.  At least all the folders you think you will want.  Then afterwards you can look at your leftover images and see what more you need.  To create a new folder, simply click on the folder or drive where you would like your photos stored on, and select "New Folder"at the top.  You should probably call this first folder "Photos" or "My Picture Perfect Past" or whatever you would like, to indicate that all your digital images are stored there, and then repeat the new folder steps to create the rest of your folders.

After you have completed the roots to your organization, stay in Windows Explorer, and open the folder containing all your pictures.  Make sure you are viewing thumbnails of your pictures for easier organizing.  After all your images have loaded and are view-able, make sure you can see all your newly created folders on the right hand side.  Now, here is the fun part!  Start with the first photo, determine what folder it goes it, and simply drag and drop it to the designated folder.  Repeat this process until you are officially organized!
It is SO easy!

Step 5- After you have completed all your digital image organization, upload them to the cloud!  Unfortunately, computers can crash, and if they do you risk losing all your digitized film AND all your hard work.  You can avoid this!  Like we said before, store your images in as many places as you can, including the cloud!

Step 6- SHARE THEM!  What good are your memories if you don't share them with your family and friends?  Email them photos, upload them to your favorite social media site, whatever floats your boat.

We hope this has been helpful in helping make the most of your digitized memories.

If your film has not yet been converted to digital, let us help you!  We are the most trusted name in the film conversion industry, and do everything we can to make sure your priceless memories get the respect they deserve in the digitization process.  You film will NEVER be shipped overseas, but will be completed here in the United States.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Have Fun With Your Digital Images!

At Larsen Digital, we are all about helping you preserve your memories and to make them better!  That is why we are researching the best iOS photo apps, personally using them, and reviewing them for your reference.  From apps that focus on core editing functions, to programs that aim to let you get creative with your images, we are rating them all!

The apps we have rated so far:

Handy Photo

As you can see, a lot of the images used in these reviews are pictures from the past!  It is never too late to have fun with your legacy and past moments.

Don't have your old film converted to digital yet?  Send it in to Larsen Digital!  At Larsen Digital, we make sure that our prices and wide array of services are the best in the business, and our quality assurances will bring your memories back to life.  Nothing says "I'm proud of who I am" more than being proud of your past, and preserving it!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tips on Preparing Your Slides for Film Conversion

It can be an overwhelming task getting your film ready to send in to Larsen Digital for conversion.  Where do you start?  How do you organize it?  Well we are here to help put your mind at ease.  Preparing your slides for digitization is EASY!  Check out these tips to organize your slides and send them in.

  1. If you don't know what order you want your slides scanned in- just send them in anyway!  You will want to make sure you order our On-line Organization System at checkout, which will allow you to organize your images AFTER they have been scanned, saving you lots of time and squinted eyes.
  2. If your slides are in carousels, you can leave them as they are.  We will scan your carousel starting at #1 in case they are organized.  Just note that if you do decide to leave them in their carousels, that the shipping costs will increase due to the weight.
  3. If they are not in carousels, or you choose to take them out, the easiest way to keep the slides in order is to bundle them in groups of no more than 50 slides.  If you have placed them in order, simply put a post-it, or write on the cardboard mount which slide in the bundle should be scanned first.
  4. Make sure all your slides and carousels are labeled for the best organization.  If you simply want to number them in chronological order that works great, or you can even label them by person or event.
  5. Every customer is allotted 1 group for every 50 slides that are sent in, so you will want to make sure you organize your slides appropriately.  If you have 200 slides, you will get 4 groups at no charge (1 group could have 80, the next could contain 20, etc).  If you would like to group your film in smaller increments, go ahead!  Just know that it will be an extra $2 per group.  *This does not include groups formed in our On-line Image Organization System!
  6. There are some handling fees that can occur with converting your slides to digital.  These situation include: metal clips attached to the slide - 15¢/slide and 110 format slide in 1" mounts - 30¢/slide.  Check out our full list of handling fees
  7. If you have different sizes of film in your slides intermixed, they will need to be separated out.  Our scanners will need to be manually set to accommodate different sizes, but you are more than welcome to organize them back with our On-line Organizing tool. 
After getting your actual slides ready, all you need to do is fill out our order form, and ship them to us!  We recommend that you ship your slides via a carrier that offers tracking services to help give you peace of mind.  We do not recommend shipping your memories through the Post Office.

Hopefully these tips and suggestions have helped aid you in getting your slides ready for film conversion.  If you have any other question related to getting your order prepared, feel free to call our customer service line at any time, where our representatives are always happy to help!.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Traveler's Guide to Photographing Your Trip

The most common photos we digitize are those from our customers' travels. Here are some tips on how to prepare and make the most out of your vacation pictures!

  • Take plenty of pictures. You don't want to return home and try to describe a wonderful scene that you could have photographed if you had planned to shoot generously.
  • If you are planning to share your adventures while you're on the road, send your most representative pictures to friends and family by email or upload them to a photo-sharing website. Be selective, though, and don't overdo it. People will enjoy seeing two or three great pictures much more than 30 or 40 shots of everything you encountered.
  • If you are traveling in a group, each member should bring their own camera, even when one person has agreed to take on the role of principal photographer. You would be surprised at how individuals see photographic subjects in different ways.
  • When photographing an exciting or funny event, take the time every now and then to shoot behind you or beside you to show the reaction of others.
  • When using a digital camera, take the time to review the shots you took that day, and delete those that are unsuitable.
  • Be sure to take along plenty of film or several digital media cards. It's frustrating to come upon amust-photograph scene, and discover that you're out of film or your cards are all full.
  • Bring your battery charger along on your trip. Although you can usually charge batteries while they are in your camera, a separate charger permits you to use a second set of batteries while the first is being recharged.
  • If you are undecided about whether to take a picture of an interesting scene that has caught your attention, just take it. You can always toss it out later if you don't like it. But, it's usually difficult to return at a later time to find the same circumstances.
  • The same principle applies to photographs that you think may not turn out. It may seem too dark or too cloudy, for instance, or your subject may be in deep shade or moving quickly. But, go ahead and take the shot anyway. You will sometimes amaze yourself by how a tricky shot turns out better than you expected. Also, many photographs that have minor problems can be saved using digital editing software or in the darkroom. And, if it simply doesn't work, you know what to do...toss it out.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Digital Photo Restoration

We've all had them.  Photos that have been written on.  Maybe mustaches drawn on faces.  Extreme fading due to unfavorable storing circumstances.  Whatever the damage may be, Larsen Digital Services offers Digital Photo Restoration services to help repair and preserve your favorite photos.  What you thought was a lost cause is now a great opportunity to give your memories a face lift!

Here in this example, we have taken the photo with writing and fading and we have not only removed any evidences of those markings, but we have sharpened and brightened the photo to make it look crisp, clean and new.

Your memories and your legacy deserve the best.  They deserve Larsen Digital.

Did you know... Larsen Digital not only offers Digital Photo Restoration for photos that have been damaged, but we also include free automatic color and fade corrections to your negative, slide, and photo scans?  That's right, FREE!  You can also upgrade to receive more personalized corrections to be made to your film, or get a quote for your custom Digital Photo Restoration.  Not only can we remove writing, but we can repair ripped photos, remove persons, or add color to your black and white photos.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beginners Guide to Color Correction Using Curves

Have you ever looked at a photo and though, "That looks a little blue...?"  Thankfully with digital photo editing, when your digital photo colors are not balanced you can quickly and easily fix it!

For this tutorial we are using Pixlr, which is a free photo editing software.

Step 1:
If you have old film that has been scanned and converted to digital you are probably wondering why the color doesn't seem balanced.  There are two reasons for this.  First, the dyes in the film fade over time, so if the film itself is already faded, the only way to fix or adjust it is digitally.  Second, some films scan better than others, so some films will need to be balanced after they have been digitized.  If you have a newly taken digital photos and the colors are not balanced, you can easily fix it using the curves tool in Pixlr.

After you open Pixlr and load your photos, simply go to the tool bar at the top and select "Adjustment."  A drop down menu will appear after which you will scroll down to "Curves."

Step 2:
At first sight Curves can appear intimidating, but don't fret- it's extremely easy and the results are dramatic!

If you look to the right side there are three droppers.  The top is white, the middle is gray, and the bottom is black.  What you need to do is select a dropper based off the color.  Then, you will take your cursor (which will now look like a dropper itself), and select a part of the picture that is supposed to be the color you selected.  For example, if there is a silver watch in the photo you are editing, you will want to select the middle gray dropper, and click on the watch.  The color will automatically adjust for the entire photo.  If you are not happy with the results, just click on a different spot until you get the right balance.

Step 3:
After you have clicked on a spot within your digital image, you will notice that the lines in the curves box will have adjusted and moved according to the changes it just made.  Once you really get the hang of curves, you can use your mouse to grab the gray line and move it up or down. If you move the gray line up/left it will lighten the photo.  If you move it down/right, it will darken the photo.  We don't necessarily recommend doing this, but wanted to let you know that it is indeed an option.  We personally recommend using the dropper tool until you get the right balance.

Step 4:
Now, while you are clicking around trying to get the right balance for your photo, don't panic if your image goes a bit discolored or outright crazy!  It happens, just click on a different spot and it will adjust itself again.

Step 5:
Here is our finished product.  It was super simple and it looks supremely better.

Stay tuned for more tutorials on how to make your digital images perfect!  

Larsen Digital Services specializes in converting your old film to a digital format.  After digitizing your photos, slides, movie film or negatives, we also offer color correction services to bring your memories back to life.  Don't have your film converted to digital yet?  Have no fear- Larsen Digital offers the best quality along with the best price. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

What Was Your Favorite Childhood Summer Activity?

Doesn't summer just make you want to get up and do something?  It is the season of being outside and active- especially if you live in areas where summer is the only time it's warm!

Take a moment and think back to when you were a young child, and try and remember the activities you used to participate in, and the people you used to associate with.  Did you enjoy playing a sport such as baseball?  Were you gone every weekend fishing or camping?  Was it just a daily walk to the park that made up your summers?

What was your favorite summer activity as a child?  Tell us!

Have pictures of you doing your favorite summer activity, but they aren't digital yet?  Do not worry- Larsen Digital Services converts your photos, negatives, slides, movie film, video tapes, audio tapes and more to a digital format!  Re-live those childhood memories over and over again, and allow them to last lifetimes to come, truly making your legacy a visual blessing for future generations.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thought: Family

There is never a better time to show how much your family means to you than right now!  Make sure you preserve all the memories that you've shared with your loved ones whether they are letters you have written, photos you have taken, or crafts you have made.  Those mere moments last a short while, but preserving them will help them stay alive for generations to come.

Keeping your memories locked up in a film format shortens the life of those glimpses in time, but when you convert them to digital, the files will not degrade nor experience discoloration as days, months, or years pass.  When your life's photo memories are held in a digital file, you have the freedom to look upon them whenever you want, wherever you want.  You can also share them with all those loved ones and family members via email, private online albums, social media, and more!

Larsen Digital Services is a family run business, and has been since they opened in 1995.  What started out as a hobby for the company's present CEO has turned into a international business helping families around the world to preserve their memories.  Larsen Digital knows what it takes to make those memories last a lifetime, and will do it the the respect and quality your priceless film deserves.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

JPEG Vs TIFF - What Format You Should Scan Your Film As

Did you know that when scanning your negatives, slides and photos that you have a choice what output it comes out in?  There are many file format types to scan your film at, so it's important to know the difference.  The most common file outputs for digitizing your old film at are JPEG and TIFF.

JPEG and TIFF file formats are both considered to be standard file formats that can be read in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.

TIFF files are very large in file size when compared to JPEGs and are commonly used in professional print design.  They require more data space to store the images, so before selecting to have your film scanned as a TIFF file, you will want to make sure that your computer and hard drive can handle the size.

JPEG files are "compressed" images, meaning that the information contained in the file is more efficiently stored, reducing the amount of space the image takes up.  While JPEG image files are becoming the most common format for storage, repeated editing and saving of the JPEG will reduce the quality of the said image.  While it will reduce the image quality, it is pretty much impossible to notice the difference with the naked eye.  Check out this video showing just how slight the difference can be.

When converting your film to digital, you will want to make sure you choose the best file output for you.  There is no cost difference specifically associated with choosing TIFF or JPEG, however, choosing TIFF will most likely cause you to need more DVD's or CD's to store your memories on, resulting in an increased cost.  If wanting the most pure scan, then TIFF would be the best option for you- just make sure you have the space for it!

Larsen Digital Services can take all your old format film and convert it to a digital form.  With many scanning options such as JPEG and TIFF for images, and SD and HD for videos, the choice is truly yours.  Having been in business since 1995, and being continually trained and educated on the latest technology and trends, Larsen Digital provides the most professional service along with the best quality.

Never Thought of Using Ebay This Way...

Would you dare?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Caption this Old Photo!

Happy Monday to You!  We are looking for a caption to this photo.  And.... GO!

Have you ever gotten together with your family and looked at old photos and videos?  I'm st ure you have.  Have you looked at certain memories and pondered, "Now what were you thinking here?"  "What was going on in your head?"  I know in my family we have!

It is so fun to try and guess what was happening in photos.  Sometimes we can remember exactly the day and precisely what was going on, but others can be harder, especially the younger you are.  Make it a game at your next family function to come up with the best caption for certain photos.  It will be full of laughs as you each reveal your thoughts, I'm sure.  What makes it better is that you know the personalities of those in the photos, and can better guess what type of phrases or expressions would have been likely to come out of their mouths, or what actions they might have been portraying.

Take is a step further into "Game Night" territory and keep track of points.  After everyone reveals their caption for a photo, all members vote on which on was their favorite, and the winner gets point.  After all is said and done, and all the captions are played, the winner gets a prize!  Maybe make a corny trophy for them to place on their desk at work to show off, or a copy of all your digitized photos and videos.

Don't have all your photos and videos converted to digital yet?  Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the industry where all work is done in the USA.  Your memories are priceless, which is why every precaution is taken to ensure that the best care and practices are used on each and every piece of film.  Don't wait another day to preserve your memories, take care of it today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There's A Story To Every Photo

This photo was taken around 1995-96.  I know what you are thinking.  Awesome jumper, right?  I could go on and on about the styles from the past I get to see working in this field.  I love it.

Anyway, I was eight years old in this picture on a camping trip.  While growing up my family, along with several others, would get together every year and go camping for a week.  So many photos and memories from those summers of hanging out with friends, singing songs, and enjoying nature.  Every year we would have a theme to the camping trip...  No, stop your train of thought.  That is NOT corny whatsoever.  Not to us at least.  The theme the year this photo was taken was an animal theme, and each family's name included an animal.  For example- the last name "Hubbard" would probably have been considered "Hub'bird'".  Haha, get it?  Well my family's name did in fact include the word "bird" in it.

To go along with our theme we were given a bunch of bird feathers, and I really wanted my mom to put them in my hair because I thought it would be oh so cool.  This very moment looking back, I'm thinking that it was oh so gross, but then again I'm pretty sure they were from the store.  That makes it less gross.  Well my mom happily put bird feathers in my hair, and I was so excited.

I really thought I was the cream of the crop that day, and I'm so happy that my mom took a picture of it.  Looking at this photo of me from my past puts a smile on my face, and joy in my heart.

Every piece of film has a story behind it.  Whether it is good or bad, it has helped shape who we are.  Don't let those moments from your past be forgotten.  Put them back in the limelight by converting them to digital.

-Christa, Marketing
Team Member for 6 Years

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Throw a "Memory Lane" Party With Your Converted Film!

Download the invitation HERE!

Don't have your old film converted to digital yet?  Larsen Digital Services is the most experienced film conversion company in the industry.  With nearly 18 years to back us up, we know what it takes to truly make your memories last lifetimes to come.  Whether you have movie film, photos, or even scrapbook pages and jaz drives- let us help you preserve your legacy by converting your film to digital.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day Super Sale

12¢ Movie Film Transfers to DVD

To order your movie film, visit our order form.  To learn more about our professional grade equipment and our awesome practices, check out our Movie Film information page!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leaving A Legacy of Imagery

Death is a part of life.  It can bring Sadness.  Tragedy.
"For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever." -Laura Swenson
We have the opportunity to help thousand of individuals around the world preserve their memories, aiding a legacy of imagery to live on for those who will miss them dearly one day.  Recently we were able to convert numerous videos and photos for one of our customers, who would send in a little bit at a time, working on her project in pieces.  We came to learn that this patron had been diagnosed with cancer, and was given two to five months to live.  She was preparing so that she could leave her children and family a better way to remember her by converting her film to digital- allowing them to easily see her face and hear her voice for days, years, and generations to come.

This sweet customer has since passed away, and we are so sorry for the loss their family has experienced, as with all who lose a loved one.  We may not be able to control when we die, but we can control the legacy we leave behind.  As has been said repeatedly through the years, a picture says a thousand words... imagine what hundreds of photos and videos can say about one's life.

We are here to help you prepare your legacy of imagery, whether you are young or old.  We have an excellent customer service team and an unmatched love of the industry.  We are a family business and we know the importance of your priceless memories.  We will treat them, and you, with the respect and quality deserved.

Film and photos won't last forever.  They are degrading as we speak, but you can preserve your physical film by converting it to digital, allowing your images and videos to last lifetimes to come.  It was be a legacy of imagery well cherished.

Larsen Digital transfers slides, movie film, video tapes, photos, negatives, vinyl records, audio tapes, and more to digital.  Complete with online organization for images and online editing for videos, our services and prices can't be beat.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Harlem Globetrotters 8mm Film

After watching the 2013 NBA Basketball Draft we caught the fever of looking up past and WAY past basketball games.  Check out this 8mm movie film shot of the Harlem Globetrotters most likely in the 1950's.

Larsen Digital Services can preserve all your sport memories and the other timeless events of your life by converting them to a digital format.  When you have your film and audio digitized, you have all the freedom you want to post it on your favorite social outlets, share them with your friends and family, and much more.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What is The Cloud?

Larsen Digital Services can take your physical film and audio memories and convert it to digital,
but we go one step further where we can upload your very images and videos to The Cloud through your Google Drive account.  Check out our Cloud Services and preserve your precious film today.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Larsen Digital helps you hold on to those memories by converting all your old film to digital.  Whether it's movie film, slides, video tapes, negatives, photos, audio tapes, vinyl records, or any other film format, we can preserve them to last lifetimes to come.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Five Reasons to Include Photos in a Memoir or Personal History Book

Everyone has a story to tell! And if you have been thinking about writing or recording your life stories, here are some reasons why adding pictures is a must.

1. Let ‘em out!

You’ve diligently collected and digitized your boxes of photos, home movies, and other memorabilia. Good for you! Now what? Are they in a format that can be easily used and enjoyed, or will they remain buried on a hard drive somewhere, forgotten and alone?

Incorporating your best photos with your best life stories in a memoir book is a great way to make sure those pictures are viewed often and cherished, perhaps especially by those who are not technically inclined or don’t hang out on Facebook. Anyone can read a book, no special equipment required.

2. What is essential becomes more special.

Because our ancestors’ access to photography was often limited, we cherish the one or two photos of our great-great grandmother. Today we have the opposite problem—too many photos! When you sift through your digitized photos and select the best or most relevant ones to include in your personal history project, you are in effect creating “scarcity,” which makes each chosen photo more special.

3. Pictures add emotional impact.

The touching story of how your dog Butch once saved your life will become a three-hanky tale when your reader can actually behold Butch’s droopy eyes and see his missing leg.

4. Pictures make your book more inviting.

Which one of these books would you rather read?
5. Photos help your book compete for attention.

Reports of the death of books are greatly exaggerated, despite the explosion of social media, e-readers, and online content in our technology-driven society. “People don’t read any more,” is the daily lament. We disagree (especially after trying to get a parking space at Barnes & Noble last holiday season—they weren’t all there to buy Nooks.) While it’s true that the way people read has changed, books are alive and well.

One interesting result of the technical revolution: printed books are getting more beautiful. The printed book has been elevated to an art form. We think this is a most positive trend. But it has also raised the bar of expectations. In order to capture the attention of your readers, you will want to make sure that your book can “compete” in our visually driven society. It needn’t be fancy or expensive, but it should be attractive and engaging. Adding photos will bump up the “wow” factor in your stories.

Tom and Alison Taylor of Pictures and Stories, Inc. have helped hundreds of people record their life stories in books and video. Their step-by-step memoir kit “How to Save Your Life—One Chapter at a Time” is available from Larsen Digital.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Technology Is Changing - Why Your Photo Memories Should Too

Isn't is amazing how much technology has changed in just the past 10 years?  Forget the paper and the pen, forget the store, forget viewing your memories in film format!  You can take notes, shop, and reminisce all from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It's not just about convenience that you should convert your old film to digital though.  Every day that your movie film, negatives, video tapes, photographs, and other memory media sits it degrades and suffers.  Once you digitize your priceless past the deterioration and degradation stops!  But back to convenience...  having your film in digital form makes sharing your memories infinitely easier.

To stop the damage being done to your film, and to move it to today's technologies, order today!  Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry.  We will respect your film and give it the new life it deserves.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Father's Day Photo Gifts: Office Slideshow

"I will always remember how much my father played with me.  He was never afraid to be goofy or awkward in public as long as he was making us happy." -Christa, Marketing

"If there was a problem in our house, my dad was always there to take care of it and solve it.  I knew I could always depend on him to be there when I needed him." -Mike, IT

We all have memories like these of our fathers, and photos and videos only expound on the emotions felt  when pondering out past.  Father's Day is fast approaching, so give him a gift that we will never forget by converting all his film to digital.

One thing you could do with the digitized film to put the cherry on top of it all, is to give him a gift that will constantly remind him of the great life he's lived and the people who love him.  A SLIDESHOW!  First, you need to convert all your dad's videos, photos, and film to digital.  Then, pick the most iconic or favorite image and videos from your past, compile them, and you've got magic on your hands!  One thing we love the slideshows for is for dad's work computer screen saver!

You could also create a slideshow with his favorite songs in the background and have a "movie premier" party with your family where the laughter, the tears, and the smiles will keep rolling in.

Haven't converted your video tapes, photos, slides, negatives, movie film feels, audio tapes, an other film to digital yet?  Well it's time to bring the into the digital world!  Digitizing your old film gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your memories, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Father's Day Photo Gifts: Classic Mousepad

Our fathers work extremely hard for us, and more often than not, they are sitting for many hours in front of a computer.  The great idea we have for you today is a personalized mouse pad customized with images from your past.  That way, your dad can be reminded of precious memories on a daily basis.


We ordered this mouse pad from Personalization Mall.  Their website was extremely easy to use, and they had a lot of templates to choose from.  Their production and shipping time was impressive, as it took less than a week to receive the product.  The mouse pad is of very high quality, and we like how thick it is.  The print job was really decent as well, considering the images were printed on a fabric mousepad!  Overall, we wold recommend getting a mouse pad from Personalization Mall.

Your dad deserves a great gift with a lot of meaning and emotion behind it.  Giving him the gift of memories and a piece of your past will top any gift from the past or future.  To create a photo gift for your father, you will need to make sure you convert your film to digital, giving you the freedom to do what you want for you dad.  The possibilities are endless when you digitize your photos, movie film, photos, negatives, video tapes, slides, and other film to a digital form.

Need to convert your film to digital?  Larsen Digital specializes in preserving memories and making them last forever.  With our prices and the level of quality we output, you can be assured that your priceless past is in good hands.