Monday, July 15, 2013

Caption this Old Photo!

Happy Monday to You!  We are looking for a caption to this photo.  And.... GO!

Have you ever gotten together with your family and looked at old photos and videos?  I'm st ure you have.  Have you looked at certain memories and pondered, "Now what were you thinking here?"  "What was going on in your head?"  I know in my family we have!

It is so fun to try and guess what was happening in photos.  Sometimes we can remember exactly the day and precisely what was going on, but others can be harder, especially the younger you are.  Make it a game at your next family function to come up with the best caption for certain photos.  It will be full of laughs as you each reveal your thoughts, I'm sure.  What makes it better is that you know the personalities of those in the photos, and can better guess what type of phrases or expressions would have been likely to come out of their mouths, or what actions they might have been portraying.

Take is a step further into "Game Night" territory and keep track of points.  After everyone reveals their caption for a photo, all members vote on which on was their favorite, and the winner gets point.  After all is said and done, and all the captions are played, the winner gets a prize!  Maybe make a corny trophy for them to place on their desk at work to show off, or a copy of all your digitized photos and videos.

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