Monday, August 19, 2013

Digital Photo Restoration

We've all had them.  Photos that have been written on.  Maybe mustaches drawn on faces.  Extreme fading due to unfavorable storing circumstances.  Whatever the damage may be, Larsen Digital Services offers Digital Photo Restoration services to help repair and preserve your favorite photos.  What you thought was a lost cause is now a great opportunity to give your memories a face lift!

Here in this example, we have taken the photo with writing and fading and we have not only removed any evidences of those markings, but we have sharpened and brightened the photo to make it look crisp, clean and new.

Your memories and your legacy deserve the best.  They deserve Larsen Digital.

Did you know... Larsen Digital not only offers Digital Photo Restoration for photos that have been damaged, but we also include free automatic color and fade corrections to your negative, slide, and photo scans?  That's right, FREE!  You can also upgrade to receive more personalized corrections to be made to your film, or get a quote for your custom Digital Photo Restoration.  Not only can we remove writing, but we can repair ripped photos, remove persons, or add color to your black and white photos.


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