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Monday, July 29, 2013

What Was Your Favorite Childhood Summer Activity?

Doesn't summer just make you want to get up and do something?  It is the season of being outside and active- especially if you live in areas where summer is the only time it's warm!

Take a moment and think back to when you were a young child, and try and remember the activities you used to participate in, and the people you used to associate with.  Did you enjoy playing a sport such as baseball?  Were you gone every weekend fishing or camping?  Was it just a daily walk to the park that made up your summers?

What was your favorite summer activity as a child?  Tell us!

Have pictures of you doing your favorite summer activity, but they aren't digital yet?  Do not worry- Larsen Digital Services converts your photos, negatives, slides, movie film, video tapes, audio tapes and more to a digital format!  Re-live those childhood memories over and over again, and allow them to last lifetimes to come, truly making your legacy a visual blessing for future generations.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thought: Family

There is never a better time to show how much your family means to you than right now!  Make sure you preserve all the memories that you've shared with your loved ones whether they are letters you have written, photos you have taken, or crafts you have made.  Those mere moments last a short while, but preserving them will help them stay alive for generations to come.

Keeping your memories locked up in a film format shortens the life of those glimpses in time, but when you convert them to digital, the files will not degrade nor experience discoloration as days, months, or years pass.  When your life's photo memories are held in a digital file, you have the freedom to look upon them whenever you want, wherever you want.  You can also share them with all those loved ones and family members via email, private online albums, social media, and more!

Larsen Digital Services is a family run business, and has been since they opened in 1995.  What started out as a hobby for the company's present CEO has turned into a international business helping families around the world to preserve their memories.  Larsen Digital knows what it takes to make those memories last a lifetime, and will do it the the respect and quality your priceless film deserves.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

JPEG Vs TIFF - What Format You Should Scan Your Film As

Did you know that when scanning your negatives, slides and photos that you have a choice what output it comes out in?  There are many file format types to scan your film at, so it's important to know the difference.  The most common file outputs for digitizing your old film at are JPEG and TIFF.

JPEG and TIFF file formats are both considered to be standard file formats that can be read in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.

TIFF files are very large in file size when compared to JPEGs and are commonly used in professional print design.  They require more data space to store the images, so before selecting to have your film scanned as a TIFF file, you will want to make sure that your computer and hard drive can handle the size.

JPEG files are "compressed" images, meaning that the information contained in the file is more efficiently stored, reducing the amount of space the image takes up.  While JPEG image files are becoming the most common format for storage, repeated editing and saving of the JPEG will reduce the quality of the said image.  While it will reduce the image quality, it is pretty much impossible to notice the difference with the naked eye.  Check out this video showing just how slight the difference can be.

When converting your film to digital, you will want to make sure you choose the best file output for you.  There is no cost difference specifically associated with choosing TIFF or JPEG, however, choosing TIFF will most likely cause you to need more DVD's or CD's to store your memories on, resulting in an increased cost.  If wanting the most pure scan, then TIFF would be the best option for you- just make sure you have the space for it!

Larsen Digital Services can take all your old format film and convert it to a digital form.  With many scanning options such as JPEG and TIFF for images, and SD and HD for videos, the choice is truly yours.  Having been in business since 1995, and being continually trained and educated on the latest technology and trends, Larsen Digital provides the most professional service along with the best quality.

Never Thought of Using Ebay This Way...

Would you dare?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Caption this Old Photo!

Happy Monday to You!  We are looking for a caption to this photo.  And.... GO!

Have you ever gotten together with your family and looked at old photos and videos?  I'm st ure you have.  Have you looked at certain memories and pondered, "Now what were you thinking here?"  "What was going on in your head?"  I know in my family we have!

It is so fun to try and guess what was happening in photos.  Sometimes we can remember exactly the day and precisely what was going on, but others can be harder, especially the younger you are.  Make it a game at your next family function to come up with the best caption for certain photos.  It will be full of laughs as you each reveal your thoughts, I'm sure.  What makes it better is that you know the personalities of those in the photos, and can better guess what type of phrases or expressions would have been likely to come out of their mouths, or what actions they might have been portraying.

Take is a step further into "Game Night" territory and keep track of points.  After everyone reveals their caption for a photo, all members vote on which on was their favorite, and the winner gets point.  After all is said and done, and all the captions are played, the winner gets a prize!  Maybe make a corny trophy for them to place on their desk at work to show off, or a copy of all your digitized photos and videos.

Don't have all your photos and videos converted to digital yet?  Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the industry where all work is done in the USA.  Your memories are priceless, which is why every precaution is taken to ensure that the best care and practices are used on each and every piece of film.  Don't wait another day to preserve your memories, take care of it today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There's A Story To Every Photo

This photo was taken around 1995-96.  I know what you are thinking.  Awesome jumper, right?  I could go on and on about the styles from the past I get to see working in this field.  I love it.

Anyway, I was eight years old in this picture on a camping trip.  While growing up my family, along with several others, would get together every year and go camping for a week.  So many photos and memories from those summers of hanging out with friends, singing songs, and enjoying nature.  Every year we would have a theme to the camping trip...  No, stop your train of thought.  That is NOT corny whatsoever.  Not to us at least.  The theme the year this photo was taken was an animal theme, and each family's name included an animal.  For example- the last name "Hubbard" would probably have been considered "Hub'bird'".  Haha, get it?  Well my family's name did in fact include the word "bird" in it.

To go along with our theme we were given a bunch of bird feathers, and I really wanted my mom to put them in my hair because I thought it would be oh so cool.  This very moment looking back, I'm thinking that it was oh so gross, but then again I'm pretty sure they were from the store.  That makes it less gross.  Well my mom happily put bird feathers in my hair, and I was so excited.

I really thought I was the cream of the crop that day, and I'm so happy that my mom took a picture of it.  Looking at this photo of me from my past puts a smile on my face, and joy in my heart.

Every piece of film has a story behind it.  Whether it is good or bad, it has helped shape who we are.  Don't let those moments from your past be forgotten.  Put them back in the limelight by converting them to digital.

-Christa, Marketing
Team Member for 6 Years

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Throw a "Memory Lane" Party With Your Converted Film!

Download the invitation HERE!

Don't have your old film converted to digital yet?  Larsen Digital Services is the most experienced film conversion company in the industry.  With nearly 18 years to back us up, we know what it takes to truly make your memories last lifetimes to come.  Whether you have movie film, photos, or even scrapbook pages and jaz drives- let us help you preserve your legacy by converting your film to digital.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day Super Sale

12¢ Movie Film Transfers to DVD

To order your movie film, visit our order form.  To learn more about our professional grade equipment and our awesome practices, check out our Movie Film information page!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leaving A Legacy of Imagery

Death is a part of life.  It can bring Sadness.  Tragedy.
"For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever." -Laura Swenson
We have the opportunity to help thousand of individuals around the world preserve their memories, aiding a legacy of imagery to live on for those who will miss them dearly one day.  Recently we were able to convert numerous videos and photos for one of our customers, who would send in a little bit at a time, working on her project in pieces.  We came to learn that this patron had been diagnosed with cancer, and was given two to five months to live.  She was preparing so that she could leave her children and family a better way to remember her by converting her film to digital- allowing them to easily see her face and hear her voice for days, years, and generations to come.

This sweet customer has since passed away, and we are so sorry for the loss their family has experienced, as with all who lose a loved one.  We may not be able to control when we die, but we can control the legacy we leave behind.  As has been said repeatedly through the years, a picture says a thousand words... imagine what hundreds of photos and videos can say about one's life.

We are here to help you prepare your legacy of imagery, whether you are young or old.  We have an excellent customer service team and an unmatched love of the industry.  We are a family business and we know the importance of your priceless memories.  We will treat them, and you, with the respect and quality deserved.

Film and photos won't last forever.  They are degrading as we speak, but you can preserve your physical film by converting it to digital, allowing your images and videos to last lifetimes to come.  It was be a legacy of imagery well cherished.

Larsen Digital transfers slides, movie film, video tapes, photos, negatives, vinyl records, audio tapes, and more to digital.  Complete with online organization for images and online editing for videos, our services and prices can't be beat.