Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thought: Family

There is never a better time to show how much your family means to you than right now!  Make sure you preserve all the memories that you've shared with your loved ones whether they are letters you have written, photos you have taken, or crafts you have made.  Those mere moments last a short while, but preserving them will help them stay alive for generations to come.

Keeping your memories locked up in a film format shortens the life of those glimpses in time, but when you convert them to digital, the files will not degrade nor experience discoloration as days, months, or years pass.  When your life's photo memories are held in a digital file, you have the freedom to look upon them whenever you want, wherever you want.  You can also share them with all those loved ones and family members via email, private online albums, social media, and more!

Larsen Digital Services is a family run business, and has been since they opened in 1995.  What started out as a hobby for the company's present CEO has turned into a international business helping families around the world to preserve their memories.  Larsen Digital knows what it takes to make those memories last a lifetime, and will do it the the respect and quality your priceless film deserves.


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