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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Horrors of Holding Memories on Film - Part 1: Got Kids?

The hard thing about any physical item?  It can be ruined in a flash!  Holding your memories on film is no different.  Today, we will discuss a scary occurrence that can happen to your priceless past if kept in photo and video form.  The following is a true story.

Got Kids?

I was going through my mom's old photos and found some really cool pictures of my grandparents.  I had set two photos aside in a pile of "most importance" to convert to digital, and walked away to complete some motherhood duties to my beautiful, innocent, perfect kids.  After getting some work done, I decided it was time to resume my project of going through my mom's old pictures.  I got to the doorway of the room where they were resting.  I see the prized photos from afar and I immediately feel terror run through my body.  I took a couple of steps closer to be sure if the fright I felt was warranted.  I was nauseous.  As I stood there, I saw pieces of my mother's pictures lying on my desk.  Torn.  My wonderful children were destroyers of the past.
Immediately, I took my photos to Larsen Digital to see if they could restore the damage that had been done.  I feel so lucky and grateful that they were able to digital fix the photos, and no appearance of rips, tears, or damage are prevalent.  Would this whole situation have been easier had I already converted my mom's film and photos to digital?  YES!  Would it have saved me money in the long run?  YES!  Was getting the photos restored, and converting them to digital worth it?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  Now that it is in digital form, no child can rip or tear it again.
-Christa, Ogden, UT

(below are the actual before and afters of the torn photos)

Larsen Digital Services specializes in taking your photo and film memories, and making them last lifetimes.  We know that the endurance of physical film can be short lived, which is why it is our mission to find every piece of film and convert them to digital!  When your past is in digital form, it makes sharing, remembering, and storing easier than you could imagine.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Name That Costume!

What was this little girl for Halloween?

Photo taken circa 1981

Larsen Digital specializes in taking the moments you've captured on film, and preserving it in a format that will last lifetimes to come!  Whether it's photos from a Christmas morning, or move film from your child's birthday, all your life's greatest moments deserve the best.  

Not only does Larsen Digital use the best equipment for the job, but they keep all work in the USA- keeping your priceless belongings as safe as they can be.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

King of Queens Clip - What do your pictures say about you?

Larsen Digital takes your precious film memories and converts them to digital to make it easy on you!  Not only is it easier to look through your photos, but it is also more convenient to share with your friends and family once they are digitized.  Larsen Digital offers digital photo restoration services to meet your needs, and give free quotes to help you make the best decision for your past.  Keeping all your film and photos in the USA and in a fire proof room, your memories are sure to be treated like royalty - the way they deserve.

To see the coupons we are currently offering, visit our Specials page!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unsolved Family Mysteries

Every family has them.  Those debates on what really happened to set up an infamous photo.  Whether they are funny, sad, or happy moments, everyone has their own side of the story.  Watch this video and relate to the pain and agony this family feels as they try to discover what really happened.

Larsen Digital strives to preserve your memories with a personal and unique touch.  With the best equipment on the market to convert your old film to digital, Larsen Digital truly has the capability and the talent to bring the life back into your photos and videos.

Services Include:
Movie Film
Video Tapes
Audio Tapes
Vinyl Records
Digital Photo Restoration
and More!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Makeover: Halloween Edition

All your precious memories deserve the royal treatment when it comes to bringing them back to life. Whether they are from a holiday, a birthday, or a treasured vacation, each piece of your film will stand out with our color correction services.

Our editing process occurs after your film has been scanned and converted to digital on our high quality equipment by trained PhotoShop experts.  While some images and files may require a little more help and time due to storage conditions or tragic mishaps, all memories are worth it.

Automated color and fade corrections are included in the price of your scan, but you can opt to spend a little more for a finer tuned, individualized editing option.  For those photos that have been innocently colored on, or film that has been ripped or is moldy, our restoration services are the route for you.  We have seen photos that have been crumpled, as well as those who want persons taken out of their photo, and we can do it all.  

Check out our different editing options depending on the state of your film.

Larsen Digital Services is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry, where your film and work will always stay in one location in the USA.  We are proud to be a family run company, and we know what it takes to make sure your memories receive the quality, care and respect they deserve.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hiding Halloween Memories

We document the most important and special events with your cameras.  Whether it is a birthday, a holiday, a wedding, or a much needed family vacation, the moments that we want to cherish the most are the ones that we choose to capture with our film.  In earlier years, it used to be that film for cameras was so expensive to purchase and then to develop, that people could only afford to spend their frames wisely on momentous occasions.

Why then, are so many influential memories kept on film where they are degrading each day, when they could be preserved forever in a digital format?  

Often times we forget the joyous events that our film holds.  We forget the emotions we had on certain days, and we forget some of the activities done with those we love the most.  When you convert those priceless pieces to digital, re-living those moments is incredibly easy and also extremely convenient.  You have the opportunity to view your legacy anytime, anywhere.

Take care of your most prized possessions by converting them with the best.  Larsen Digital is a family run company who knows what it takes to make the most of your family's greatest moments.  Treating your film and photos with the care and respect they deserve, Larsen Digital guarantees that your past will come back to life and bring smiles to the faces of all who see your digital images and videos.

Visit us for more information on Larsen Digital.  To send your film in, check out our order form.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weber State Tailgating Party Winner!

As proud sponsors of Weber State Athletics, we have had so much fun contributing to the tailgating parties prior to each home football game.  At these parties, we have loved meeting those in the community that are in need of our services.  Every game, we have a drawing where the winners can win a Coach Jody Sears signed football, gift certificates to Larsen Digital, or 6 tickets to the next home game.

The winner of 6 tickets to the next home football game against Montana State on October 19th  is...


Congratulations Ken!  The tickets can be picked up at our office anytime before the game.

Want your chance to win?  Stop by our booth at the next tailgating party on the 19th and enter for your chance to get a prize!

Larsen Digital is the premier provider of film conversion services.  As a family run business, we know the importance of your cherished memories, and maintain a level of quality to treat them with the respect that they deserve.  Services include the conversion of Movie Film, Slides, Video Tapes, Negatives, Photos, Vinyl Records, Audio Tapes, and MORE!