Thursday, January 3, 2013

All About Movie Film

Did you know that there are different kinds of movie film?  Well there are!  We are going to go over the different kinds we transfer to help aid you in knowing what you have in your inventory.

8mm movie film: Designed by Eastman Kodak during the Great Depression to allow families to watch their home movies without the expensive cost.  The film strips are 8mm wide, as noted in the name.  

Super 8 movie film: This film format was meant to be an improvement to the original 8mm film.  It only has perforations on one side, rather than both, and those holes are smaller than the former product, allowing for a greater viewing space on the film.  On the opposite side of the movie film reels was a magnetic strip, allowing audio to be recorded along with the video.

16mm: Both silent, and well as film with audio exist in the 16mm family.  It was mostly used for non-theatrical films, or low budget productions.  The film is 16mm wide, and was used a lot to get news stories that were outside of the studio.  16mm film is still used today for select tv series and movies.  There are 3 types of 16mm movie film.  There is 16mm with optical sound, 16mm silent, as well as super 16mm silent with single sprocket.

Luckily for you, we transfer all these formats of movie film, and we do it with the bet equipment out there!  Some companies project your film onto a wall and record it that way, but we know your' memories deserve better.  That is why we capture your film from by frame, giving you the best quality possible.

The price for each type of movie film is the same, and we offer color correction, high definition transfers, online editing, and blu-ray options.  Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the industry.  We keep all your film in one facility, rather than outsourcing it out of the country, and we treat your memories with respect, as thought they were our own.

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