Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leaving A Legacy of Imagery

Death is a part of life.  It can bring Sadness.  Tragedy.

"For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever." -Laura Swenson
We have the opportunity to help thousand of individuals around the world preserve their memories, aiding a legacy of imagery to live on for those who will miss them dearly one day.  Recently we were able to convert numerous videos and photos for one of our customers, who would send in a little bit at a time, working on her project in pieces.  We came to learn that this patron had been diagnosed with cancer, and was given two to five months to live.  She was preparing so that she could leave her children and family a better way to remember her by converting her film to digital- allowing them to easily see her face and hear her voice for days, years, and generations to come.

This sweet customer has since passed away, and we are so sorry for the loss their family has experienced, as with all who lose a loved one.  We may not be able to control when we die, but we can control the legacy we leave behind.  As has been said repeatedly through the years, a picture says a thousand words... imagine what hundreds of photos and videos can say about one's life.

We are here to help you prepare your legacy of imagery, whether you are young or old.  We have an excellent customer service team and an unmatched love of the industry.  We are a family business and we know the importance of your priceless memories.  We will treat them, and you, with the respect and quality deserved.

Film and photos won't last forever.  They are degrading as we speak, but you can preserve your physical film by converting it to digital, allowing your images and videos to last lifetimes to come.  It was be a legacy of imagery well cherished.

Larsen Digital transfers slides, movie film, video tapes, photos, negatives, vinyl records, audio tapes, and more to digital.  Complete with online organization for images and online editing for videos, our services and prices can't be beat.


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