Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Makeover: Halloween Edition

All your precious memories deserve the royal treatment when it comes to bringing them back to life. Whether they are from a holiday, a birthday, or a treasured vacation, each piece of your film will stand out with our color correction services.

Our editing process occurs after your film has been scanned and converted to digital on our high quality equipment by trained PhotoShop experts.  While some images and files may require a little more help and time due to storage conditions or tragic mishaps, all memories are worth it.

Automated color and fade corrections are included in the price of your scan, but you can opt to spend a little more for a finer tuned, individualized editing option.  For those photos that have been innocently colored on, or film that has been ripped or is moldy, our restoration services are the route for you.  We have seen photos that have been crumpled, as well as those who want persons taken out of their photo, and we can do it all.  

Check out our different editing options depending on the state of your film.

Larsen Digital Services is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry, where your film and work will always stay in one location in the USA.  We are proud to be a family run company, and we know what it takes to make sure your memories receive the quality, care and respect they deserve.  


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