Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tips on Preparing Your Slides for Film Conversion

It can be an overwhelming task getting your film ready to send in to Larsen Digital for conversion.  Where do you start?  How do you organize it?  Well we are here to help put your mind at ease.  Preparing your slides for digitization is EASY!  Check out these tips to organize your slides and send them in.

  1. If you don't know what order you want your slides scanned in- just send them in anyway!  You will want to make sure you order our On-line Organization System at checkout, which will allow you to organize your images AFTER they have been scanned, saving you lots of time and squinted eyes.
  2. If your slides are in carousels, you can leave them as they are.  We will scan your carousel starting at #1 in case they are organized.  Just note that if you do decide to leave them in their carousels, that the shipping costs will increase due to the weight.
  3. If they are not in carousels, or you choose to take them out, the easiest way to keep the slides in order is to bundle them in groups of no more than 50 slides.  If you have placed them in order, simply put a post-it, or write on the cardboard mount which slide in the bundle should be scanned first.
  4. Make sure all your slides and carousels are labeled for the best organization.  If you simply want to number them in chronological order that works great, or you can even label them by person or event.
  5. Every customer is allotted 1 group for every 50 slides that are sent in, so you will want to make sure you organize your slides appropriately.  If you have 200 slides, you will get 4 groups at no charge (1 group could have 80, the next could contain 20, etc).  If you would like to group your film in smaller increments, go ahead!  Just know that it will be an extra $2 per group.  *This does not include groups formed in our On-line Image Organization System!
  6. There are some handling fees that can occur with converting your slides to digital.  These situation include: metal clips attached to the slide - 15¢/slide and 110 format slide in 1" mounts - 30¢/slide.  Check out our full list of handling fees
  7. If you have different sizes of film in your slides intermixed, they will need to be separated out.  Our scanners will need to be manually set to accommodate different sizes, but you are more than welcome to organize them back with our On-line Organizing tool. 
After getting your actual slides ready, all you need to do is fill out our order form, and ship them to us!  We recommend that you ship your slides via a carrier that offers tracking services to help give you peace of mind.  We do not recommend shipping your memories through the Post Office.

Hopefully these tips and suggestions have helped aid you in getting your slides ready for film conversion.  If you have any other question related to getting your order prepared, feel free to call our customer service line at any time, where our representatives are always happy to help!.


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