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Friday, November 30, 2012

What's Your "Magic Lantern" Slide Projector Worth?

Don't have a slide projector, but want to view your old slides?  Check out Larsen Digital's special holiday prices to convert your old film to digital.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas State of Mind

(Photo originally taken circa 1980, scanned and edited by Larsen Digital Services.)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Photos + Photo Book = Priceless Holiday Gift

Hi!  I’m Christa, and I have worked with Larsen Digital for just over 6 years now.  I love being a part of memory makeovers.  It’s amazing to take someone’s past and give it a new breath of fresh air by digitizing it, and bringing the colors back to life.  Because I have seen this beautiful transformation thousands and thousands of times in my career, I knew the importance of getting my family’s film together and preserving it.   I decided that I wanted to get my grandparents photos and make a book for them for the holidays.

First, I scanned their pictures, and edited them to perfection.
Isn't that amazing?

Next, I was on the lookout for the best photo book company I could find.  The one I chose is called Paper Coterie.  I chose them because of their easy user interface, book design options. themes, and price. 

I can’t wait to give this gift to my grandparents for Christmas, I know it will bring tears to their eyes looking back on what a great life they have lived.

Don’t have your film digitized yet?  Take advantage of our Black Friday Sales going on until Monday!

Black Friday Deals

Oh yes, we are in on the Black Friday events as well!  We are offering discounts on a lot of our services, so if you were teetering on the edge of ordering, NOW is the time!  Get your discount today:

Free Shipping

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Any Resolution 35¢ 
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Offer is for Standard Processing. Slide Conversion


Any Resolution 35¢ 
Code: BlkNeg
Offer Valid on 35mm Negatives. 
Offer is for Standard Processing. Negative Conversion

Movie Film

High Definition Transfer 15¢ per foot 
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Video Tapes

20% off Video Tape Transfers of $30 
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Discount is not applied to Hard Drive or Thumb Drives. Video Tape Convesion


Any Resolution 29¢ 
Code: BlkPhoto
Offer Valid on photos sized 5x7 & under. Photos larger than 5x7 will incur an additional charge. 
Offer is for Standard Processing. Photo Conversion

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Unique Gift Ideas for Parents

Check out this awesome article over at Lifestyle Tips if you want to find a unique way to show your parents or grandparents even, that you love them!

For more information on Converting your Memories to Digital, as suggested in the article, visit our website.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Press Release: Now Offering Reel to Reel Audio Transfers!

We are so excited to now offer Reel to Reel Audio Transfers to our services!

In a Press Release sent out today, Brent Larsen, CEO of Larsen Digital said, "Hearing the recording of my parents wedding reception for the first time, 50 years after the event occurred, was a very emotional experience. It made me realize that life's moments are not just captured in pictures and videos, but in audio too. That is why it was so important to me to offer this service to everyone, so anyone can track down their old audio reels and experience those memories and to share them." 
View our order form and get your audio reels transferred to digital today!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Press Release

At Larsen Digital, we love our community and want to help where we can.  We believe in activities that help individuals grow and bring people together.  This is why we are proud to be a sponsor of Weber State University Athletics and their annual Cat Bash Auction to raise money for scholarships.  To learn more about our participation we invite you to read our latest press release.