Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thought: Memories Last Forever

The following is a personal experience of a Larsen Digital Team Member:

My grandmother, in her 70's, has had steadily declining health for the past 10 years.  Recently, she underwent heart surgery, and many were worried that she would not come out of it alive.  I had the opportunity to take her old photos, and and convert them to digital.  Afterwards, I created a slideshow for her with inspirational and uplifting music to help raise her spirits.

Upon watching this memory filled creation, tears and laughs were all my grandma could muster.  The look back at the life she has lived was, for her, exhilarating as well as heart warming.  She is now in a rehabilitation center recovering from her operation, so we decided that since photos can re-invigorate  numerous thoughts and past times in one frame, we would make a picture decoration for her to bring a little bit of joy into her otherwise plain room.

Having my grandma in this situation has caused me to reflect on the many experiences I have had with her.  Whether it was her teaching me how to sew a quilted vest that I cherished for years to follow, or her recounting the time in her life when she was a drummer in a band.  She shared many of her experiences of which I will never forget.

The quote for today's thought is true.  While for some life lasts a short while, the memories that life has held will last forever.  We can keep the stories we've been told and the times we've shared stored in our minds, but we can also preserve the pictures of those we love, and make them last for generations to come by converting them to digital.  The combination power of thought and imagery can do wonders for the soul.


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