Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Horrors of Holding Memories on Film - Part 1: Got Kids?

The hard thing about any physical item?  It can be ruined in a flash!  Holding your memories on film is no different.  Today, we will discuss a scary occurrence that can happen to your priceless past if kept in photo and video form.  The following is a true story.

Got Kids?

I was going through my mom's old photos and found some really cool pictures of my grandparents.  I had set two photos aside in a pile of "most importance" to convert to digital, and walked away to complete some motherhood duties to my beautiful, innocent, perfect kids.  After getting some work done, I decided it was time to resume my project of going through my mom's old pictures.  I got to the doorway of the room where they were resting.  I see the prized photos from afar and I immediately feel terror run through my body.  I took a couple of steps closer to be sure if the fright I felt was warranted.  I was nauseous.  As I stood there, I saw pieces of my mother's pictures lying on my desk.  Torn.  My wonderful children were destroyers of the past.
Immediately, I took my photos to Larsen Digital to see if they could restore the damage that had been done.  I feel so lucky and grateful that they were able to digital fix the photos, and no appearance of rips, tears, or damage are prevalent.  Would this whole situation have been easier had I already converted my mom's film and photos to digital?  YES!  Would it have saved me money in the long run?  YES!  Was getting the photos restored, and converting them to digital worth it?  ABSOLUTELY YES!  Now that it is in digital form, no child can rip or tear it again.
-Christa, Ogden, UT

(below are the actual before and afters of the torn photos)

Larsen Digital Services specializes in taking your photo and film memories, and making them last lifetimes.  We know that the endurance of physical film can be short lived, which is why it is our mission to find every piece of film and convert them to digital!  When your past is in digital form, it makes sharing, remembering, and storing easier than you could imagine.


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