Friday, November 1, 2013

Remember When: There Were TV Commercials Selling VHS Tapes?

I'm sure this commercials brings back many memories of buying VHS Tapes for our precious camcorders, and the pride we felt as we shot each tape filled with our loved one's most endearing moments.  While Video Tapes are no longer a used method to capture our life's current events, the joy we have in our old tapes still remain.  Unfortunately, your time with the footage on your VHS tapes is limited, as they are deteriorating every single day.
Video tapes are made up of magnetic strips to communicate the captured video and sound to your VCR player, and then to your TV.  As time passes that magnetism becomes weaker and weaker until signals get lost.  Have you ever stuck your tape in to watch and noticed horrible streaking throughout the screen?  This is the result of your priceless memories losing it's magnetism.  This loss of signal is permanent damage to your tapes, and there is no way to fix or repair it.
This is why it is so important to convert your VHS tapes to digital in a timely manner to avoid as much deterioration as possible!  Once your videos are digitized, the degradation and loss of magnetism STOP!  There is no decrease in quality, and you have the opportunity to watch your videos anytime, anywhere, and share them with anyone you choose.
Learn more about VHS tape conversion today and save your memories!