Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to Look for When Choosing a Scanning Company

Scanning Resolution
Resolution is everything when converting your old film to digital.  Resolution refers to how many pixels an image contains.  The higher the pixel count, the better quality the image.  Make sure the company you choose gives you a range of resolution options to make sure your photographic needs are met.

Color Correction
Chances are, your slides, movie film, photos, or other pre-digital memories have experienced fading and discoloration.  Some companies include the cost of applying digital color corrections to your images post scanning, and others either don’t deal with it, or charge extra for it.
Scanned in the USA
Do you really want to trust your precious legacy on a barge ship to travel across the sea so they can be scanned at a cheaper price?  Unfortunately, 10,000 large shipping containers full of packages get lost at sea every year.  Don’t let your memories be considered among that number.  Choose a company that will keep your personals in one location.

Online Viewing
A lot of people don’t have the time or patience to squint their eyes at tiny frames of film in order to organize them.  That’s why online viewing and organizing is an item you want to ensure is part of your scanning company’s services. 

Delete Un-wanted Scans
Not sure what exactly is on your film?  Don’t want the image of an accidental picture of the wall?  Choose the ability to delete the scans you don’t want- and better yet, don’t pay for it!

Scanning Equipment
You want a high quality camera to capture your memories, so you would definitely want a high quality scanner to preserve them.  Go with a company that uses professional equipment with the latest technology.


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