Monday, January 21, 2013

Self Portraits to Capture on Vacation

Let's just take it from the time you leave for your vacation till the time you get home.  As we go through your personal trip agenda, you will find several moments that you must capture.  Of course landscapes and skyscrapers are beautiful on their own, but having you in your photos will take it one step closer in making it more real and more personal.

Transportation Photo  Whether you are flying or driving, you probably woke up early to make sure you got everything ready on time.  Your anxiety is killing you as you longingly wait for your plane to board and get your vacay started.  Have someone snap a pic of you in this moment.  Take a photo with our luggage, or with your plane snacks.  Make sure you wear a huge smile on your face!

Then you arrive at your destination of slumber.  You are exhausted from a long day of travel, so you lay down on the bed to take a rest.  Where's your camera?  If you are anything like me, you will spend a lot of time on that bed and in that room, so you will want to remember it!  Take the iconic self taken picture of you in the room.

What do you go on vacation for?  Whatever your personal reason, make sure you are ready to capture the moment.  Take pictures wherever you can.  At a fancy or legendary restaurant, in front of a national landmark, enjoying a drink on the beach.  Stopping these moments in time will create a timeline for your vacation that you won't want to forget.

After you've had all your fun it's time to get back to real life.  You force all your clothes and extra items you've purchased since you've been gone in your luggage that instantly seems way too small.  Wouldn't that be a funny picture?  Insert your face wearing a frown, and that will capture two things.  How much you loved your vacation, and how sad you are to leave.  

There are two events that we see the most often when converting film to digital.  That is Holiday photos, and travel photos.  It's no lie that pictures help you remember the times you've had in your life, and even thought you have to go home eventually, the images will enable you to keep a piece of that time in your life forever.  I think I need a vacation now... or i just really want one.  Somewhere out of this negative degree weather in Pleasant View, UT please!


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