Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Favorite Newborn Photo Poses

Seems like Spring is a popular time for babies to be born, and the trend is to take photos of your newborn days after their birth.  The best photos are those that showcase just how precious and tiny your itty bitty baby is.  Here are our favorite newborn poses that you might want to consider when planning your photo shoot.

Put your baby in something!  We love the crocheted slings that you can find on etsy.  Other cute ideas include a treasure chest (the child would lay on blankets within the chest of course), a football helmet if you are avid sports fans, pumpkin, Christmas stocking, or basket.  Posing your baby inside of something captures their small and precious size.  It's hard not to let out an "ohhh" when looking at one of these poses because they are just so cute.

We also like the poses that show love and family.  The ones where mom and dad hold the baby against their chest, or even holding the bundle of joy in their hands.  We've seen many photos where the parents are dressed all in black, but their hands are uncovered.  The reason they do this is so that their hands are the only objects the camera captures- giving the photo a magical feeling.  Another family pose we love?  Sibling poses!  Capturing the way older children feel about your new addition not only shows emotion, but it helps the brothers and sister feel involved and important as well.

Another pose we love when it comes to looking at newborn pictures- the fetal position, bum in the air pose.  Doesn't that just wreak of adorable?  Baby bodies are so delicate, small, and innocent that the photo capitalizes on the preciousness of your child.

The last photos being highlighted in this post are hospital pictures.  Hire someone to come to the hospital and freeze that moment in time with you.  There is nothing more intense than those first moments right after an infant is brought into the world.

Whatever poses you decide to implement in your photo shoot, just make sure you take pictures!  They grow so fast, and the moments of newborn innocence will be over before you know it.  Capture your new baby before those first months are gone.


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