Monday, May 20, 2013

Larsen Digital Being Featured on Fox 13 News Business Now!

If you didn't have time to catch our segment this afternoon have no fear!  We will be back on Fox after the 12:00 news for their Business Now segment to talk about the importance of converting your old film to digital, as well as to give you some specials for Father's Day!

We had the opportunity to have the Fox 13 Business Now crew at our office to interview our very own Kristin Harding about what we do and why it's important!  We love spreading the message of preserving your memories before they are literally gone.  Film is so prone to being damaged, destroyed, discolored, etc.  When those problems occur on your film it can ruin it!  
"Over time all of our old memories will degrade.  In our movie film, the dyes in the film will degrade, video tapes will degrade over time, slides, negatives, and photos- Everything degrades over time.  It’s not meant to stay in its original format, which is why it’s so important to convert it to digital so it stops degrading." -Kristin Harding
Our memories help keep us entertained, happy, and close with our loved ones.  If those memories get lost or are destroyed while still in physical film form, there is no way to re-create them. The best thing to do is to gather up all your movie film, slides, video tapes, negatives, photographs, and all your other film and send them in to be converted to digital.  Not only does the degradation and discoloration stop when your memories are in digital form, but you are able to create lots of back-ups of your memories to ensure they that they will be around for lifetimes to come.

Need a great gift idea for Father's Day?  Skip the tie this year and convert your father's old film to digital.  It's a gift that will keep on giving, and that he will never forget!  Check out our Father's Day specials today!


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