Friday, January 18, 2013

Surprising Your Valentine With Film Conversion

So you've decided that you want to give the love of your life the gift of memories this Valentine's Day?  Want it to be a surprise? Check out these tips in making sure you can pull it off in secret.

The first hurdle you need to get through is to get the film out of the house and shipped to us!  Because your possessions might be bulky or take up a lot of room, you will want to remove the items while your loved one isn't home or in the vicinity   Is it all in a big brown box? Take the photos, reels, videos, or whatever film it may be out of the box, but leave the brown empty box there as a decoy.  If you want to know the best carrier in shipping your memories to us, there isn't one best provider.  Just make sure that whoever you choose offers a tracking program to put your mind at ease.

The next item you need to take care of is payment method.  We charge your card either when we upload your images or film, or when we ship your converted belongings, depending on the options you chose on your order form.  If your significant other is a hawk when it comes to monitoring your finances, you might want to consider initially putting the purchase on a hardly used card, or ask a family member to put the bill on their card momentarily.  Unfortunately we don't accept checks, and don't recommend sending cash through the mail.

Last base you need to cover is making sure the package arrives when the recipient isn't home, or ship it to your office, or a friend's house.  Make sure you check out our free shipping offer!  Then replace the film secretly, wrap the discs, or image carrying vehicle, and enjoy the reaction you get when your loved one opens their surprise.

Not only do we convert your film to digital, but we also have additional services to hit the emotions even harder.  With nostalgic slideshows and digital photo restoration, you can customize your gift to make it the best.


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