Thursday, May 16, 2013

Memories Are Like a Box of Chocolates...

Whether it was in times of good or times of bad, we fall back on our memories to smile, to cry, and to grow better as a person.  Our past has shaped who we are today, and while some moments may not be ones we look back on fondly, they taught us lessons and made us stronger.

Have you ever been sitting in a room with family or friends and thought of a past moment you've shared with them, followed by laughter or tears?  Immediately afterwards, another memory usually follows, and another, until you are immersed in a "remember when" hour.  

To top it off you bring out old photos or videos of you together, which brings the nostalgia to a whole new level.  The mind has a pretty good memory, but seeing the visual or hearing the audio just puts the last piece of the puzzle together.  Smile at the past.  Look towards the future.  With one life to live there is no better choice than to take what's happened in our lives and learn from it!

Have old photos and videos that you reminisce upon often still in film form?  Larsen Digital Services converts movie film, slides, negatives, photographs, video tapes, audio tapes, and much more to digital so you can easily call upon those memories anytime, anywhere.  Don't let your film fade into the past- bring into the present and into the digital age.


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