Friday, May 31, 2013

Father's Day Photo Gifts: Office Slideshow

"I will always remember how much my father played with me.  He was never afraid to be goofy or awkward in public as long as he was making us happy." -Christa, Marketing

"If there was a problem in our house, my dad was always there to take care of it and solve it.  I knew I could always depend on him to be there when I needed him." -Mike, IT

We all have memories like these of our fathers, and photos and videos only expound on the emotions felt  when pondering out past.  Father's Day is fast approaching, so give him a gift that we will never forget by converting all his film to digital.

One thing you could do with the digitized film to put the cherry on top of it all, is to give him a gift that will constantly remind him of the great life he's lived and the people who love him.  A SLIDESHOW!  First, you need to convert all your dad's videos, photos, and film to digital.  Then, pick the most iconic or favorite image and videos from your past, compile them, and you've got magic on your hands!  One thing we love the slideshows for is for dad's work computer screen saver!

You could also create a slideshow with his favorite songs in the background and have a "movie premier" party with your family where the laughter, the tears, and the smiles will keep rolling in.

Haven't converted your video tapes, photos, slides, negatives, movie film feels, audio tapes, an other film to digital yet?  Well it's time to bring the into the digital world!  Digitizing your old film gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your memories, whenever you want, wherever you want.


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