Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's time to digitize your memories when...

-You reminisce with your family about a past photo, but can't find the picture anywhere!

-You stick a tape into a VHS player to watch, and the film gets stuck inside, or better yet- you don't have a way to watch your VHS tapes since the technology has moved on to better devices.

-You are still trying watch movie film through a projector

-Your way of remembering that one vacation to that one place is viewing slides in a plastic sheet

-You are still walking around with a “Walkman” in order to listen to your old audio tapes

-Your child/grandchild’s favorite activity is looking through old scrapbooks and photos albums so they can rip all the pictures out, or draw whiskers and mustaches on the subjects.

-You try to take a picture of old photos with your digital camera or phone to upload it to your favorite social website.

Just know it's 2012.... IT'S TIME!


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