Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Choosing a company to preserve your memories can be tough! To make sure you get the best bang for your buck, make sure you research each of your prospective companies in the following areas:

Resolution is one of the biggest factors determining the quality of your digital images. Resolution means how much "information" or dots/pixels are in your digital image. The more dots/pixels, the sharper your image will be and the higher quality digital image you will get.

It's the same concept as Megapixels and digital cameras. The higher the Megapixels, the higher quality your image will be.

Over time, the dyes in film will fade, leaving film discolored. This is why every slide, negative and photograph that you scan should receive a color correction treatment.

In an attempt to keep their rates low some companies outsource all their scanning work outside the USA. They try and hide this fact by having you send your slides to a facility in the states, such as California, Texas or Arizona. Once your film and video has arrived in their state side location, they package it up again, and it is shipped out of the country on a barge ship. In a recent article it was estimated that 10,000 cargo containers are lost at sea each year. Read Full Article

Instead of painstakingly trying to merge, organize, and sort all of your photo memories, pick a company who will upload your scanned images to a website where you can do all the organization and custom naming you want!

Don't want it? You should be able to delete images for free!

Equipment should be a big factor in your decision. Choose a company who respects your precious belongings enough to scan it with equipment that will do the job the way you want!

Do you know whether you want a JPEG vs TIFF digital file?

A lot of companies may scan your film for a cheap price, but you are going to get a cheap return. Make sure you get the best results possible from your memories. It is one choice you will never regret!

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