Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photo Calendar Review: Snapfish

We are on a journey to find you the best photo products to show off your digital images.  The latest:  a photo calendar created through Snapfish.

Using digitized images to make this calendar, it truly was a blast from the past!  The top reason we loved this product from Snapfish:  The pages were so thick and sturdy.  It would be really hard to rip or damage the pages.  Next reason the calendar was a great buy: The print quality was fantastic.  I liked the slight sheen of the photos, but not too glossy that every speck of light shines off of it, hiding the imagery. 

Another reason Snapfish was a great vendor: Turnaround time was super fast.  We also liked their design options.  You could choose a theme to fit your personality whether it has a scrapbook feel, modern flair, or traditional touch- the options were great.  With Snapfish, you have the ability to personalize your calendar not just with the main photo for the month, but for holidays and birthdays.  Insert your favorite photos onto important dates to make this product complete.

We would recommend Snapfish for your next photo calendar.  The quality was superb and the look truly captured the feel we were going for.  It made old family photos shine, and was “awed” by all who saw it.


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