Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beginners Guide To Using Cinemegr.am

Cinemegr.am is a new app that combines the power of video with the stillness of photo to create fun and quirky imagery.

Here is an example:
Created with cinemagr.am
(Notice how the street is moving, but the signs and lights are still?)

Here we will show you how to create such a visual, with added effects such as giving it a vintage touch.

1-Get the app installed!  It's currently only available for your apple products.
 2- Your home page will look like the image below.  To view the work of others, click on "popular" or "latest".  To create your own, click "capture"
 3-Film whatever it is you want!  Most likely, your footage will be too long, and you will be required to edit it down.  Like the image below, you will need to select a portion of frames that will fit between the yellow lines at the top.
4- Create your mask!  Selecting where you want your mask to be tells the app what parts of your video you want to remain moving.  Everything else will remain still.  Simply color over the desired areas with your finger to color your mask.
5-The next step is to add your vintage flavor.  Cinemegr.am gives you several options, or you can simply leave it "raw" or untouched.
6-Last step is to preview your work.  You can decide whether you want the "Reverse" on or off.  With the "Reverse" on, it will play through once, then immediately replay going backwards.  Press "Done" and you've created your cinemegr.am!  Your video will appear in a news feed, much like Instagram.

Here is our final product:

Created with cinemagr.am

Hope you've enjoyed creating your own cinemegr.am invention.  It can be a fun and interesting way to share the moments of your day.


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