Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be Your Mom's Favorite By Giving the Gift of Digitized Film!

Hi blog readers!  My name is Christa, and I am a contributor to the Larsen Digital Blog. Let me start out by telling you that I grew up in a family with 6 kids, and I was the fifth.  To make things even more interesting, the 5 oldest siblings were all girls, with our youngest sibling being the lone boy.  Needless to say there was lots of drama, laughter, fighting, and joy.  

I don't think I need to tell you that girls like attention, and they like being the best!  Such was and still is the case in my family.  It was very common (almost too common) for us each to claim that we were "the favorite" child.  You want to know who truly was the favorite?  I'll give you one guess...  ME!  Why am I the favorite you might ask?  Well I'm sure that most parents can agree that different children are their favorites for different reasons.  One helped around the house more then the others.  Another always got straight A's and is in medical school to be a brain surgeon.  Well I'm the favorite because I gave them a gift that will always be remembered and never be forgotten.  Last Christmas I gave my parents a hard drive chock full of all our family photos and videos.  Top that siblings!  

The reason this was such a great gift and catapulted me to the top is because memories bring such emotional feelings.  Who watches their old home movies and doesn't either smile or reflect on good times?  No one.  Ever.  Time passes us but once, and after that the seconds are gone, but when you can remind people of past memories through photos and film you get to re-live those moments again.

It's not enough to make a beautiful scrapbook gluing old photos to pretty paper.  What you need is to convert them to a digital form.  That way they are reminded of the great life they have lived, all while allowing them to view those moments whenever, wherever.  What better way is there to tell your mother you love her and how glad you are to have had her in your life, than to show you interested you are in her life and what made her who she is.  

I have been apart of the Larsen Digital Memory Preserving Team for over 6 years now.  Through this career I have gotten to know people and families through their photos and film, and I know that converting old film to digital can bring families closer together.  I am proud to work for a company that believes in keeping all our work in the United States, rather than outsourcing them.  I love that at Larsen Digital, our customers truly come first, and our lines of communication are always open to ensure that those that send in their priceless film get the information they want and the respect they deserve.

If you want to give your mother the best gift on the planet this Mother's Day, consider converting her film to digital, and remind her of the great moments that have and continue to make up her life.  It is a gift that you won't regret, and one that will leave her smiling, and probably even crying!

(My mom - isn't she beautiful?!)


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