Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview with Pixorial

We sat down with Pixorial to ask them about how their services can benefit anyone around the world. They allow you to view, edit, and customize your videos and movie film online- truly giving you the control on updating your precious memories.

Pixorial allows people to share their video memories with family and friends anywhere, what inspired the creation of Pixorial? One summer, our founder, Andres EspiƱeira, was busy digitizing his father’s large collection of film. He quickly came to two important realizations. The first was that in those videos were the collected memories of not just his mother and father, but also a number of other family members, friends and acquaintances who were also captured in the videos. Clearly, these old family movies would prove meaningful to a group of people outside his father’s household. The second realization was that just getting that video converted was the tip of the iceberg. Once digitized, how could that video be shared with friends and family who would find meaning in the video?

This experience drove his desire to create a platform where users could share and collectively interact with video from anywhere (analog, digital, mobile and HD) to where it matters most – with friends and family. Knowing that we all choose to share video differently, he thought it was important that the platform also remove the barriers created by the walled gardens of social platforms, and that memories captured could be shared with others.

What is the most convenient feature about Pixorial? Most convenient - and also most powerful - is our “Share to Crowd” feature. This allows anyone to share a video in its entirety with friends and family so that they can own, edit and share their favorite parts as well. Using this feature, users can unleash the stories in their crowd and empower their friends and family to tell their own stories through video.

You can download your edited videos off Pixorial's website to your home computer. Are you then free to upload and share your home movies on websites like Facebook? We actually recommend that users keep their videos protected in their Pixorial library. Downloading a copy is always an option but to truly protect those videos from hard drive failure, natural disaster or even human error, the cloud is the safest place. And because we’re a software company, we make sure that your video is accessible and ready to play in the latest format.

As far as sharing goes, Pixorial provides an extensive list of share options including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, 1000memories and more. We want to make sure that you always have your original videos available to you from anywhere, along with the ability to share how you wish. We also make it possible to share via email, Videocard or DVD.

How long do you store your customer's videos? We store a user’s videos for as long as they have an account. We store up to 1 gigabyte of video for free and offer a variety of membership plans to meet the needs of any consumer.

If people only have their movies on a DVD or Hard Drive, can they still benefit from the services Pixorial has to offer? Absolutely, users can easily upload those videos and use our simple editing tools to share their videos online or create custom productions.

Can a customer take portions from one movie and add it to another? With our Premium accounts, users can create a montage video using their videos or even videos captured and shared from friends and family. We believe that everyone is a storyteller, and have made it very easy to bring videos together with our web-based editing platform, Pixorial Producer.

In your editing features, customers have the ability to add music. Do you have music on your website for people to choose from, or do they need to provide their own? We provide access to 1600 music tracks that cover a variety of genres. Users can also upload their own music tracks. Once a music track or several tracks are added, the user can adjust the ratio between the video’s own recorded sound and the music track. Music is often a great addition to combined videos, videos where photos have been added, or as a way to cancel out a loud or bad sound recording.

Do you have an app for the i-phone or android? We have video apps for the iPhone and Android so that users can not only capture and share on the go, they can also have access to their entire lifetime of videos without worrying about taking up space on their mobile device.

I see that you are now offering Videocards. What a unique take on sharing past experiences. Is this an included feature in a membership? Videocards are a feature available to consumers of all levels. We believe that the best stories are told with video and created Videocards as a gift that anyone could use to celebrate a special occasion or to just say hi.

Being part of restoring a lost family memory can be a very personal experience. Do you feel connected to your customers? We do. We are so lucky to be in the business of bringing memories to life. We hear wonderful stories on a regular basis for how people are using Pixorial to reconnect with friends, to remember or honor loved ones and as a way to collaborate around shared experiences.

Why is it important for people to share their past? We are living in a time where people are sharing more and more. Though pictures, through status updates, through check-ins and of course, video. Memories happened before the digital age, and sharing those memories provides a moving experience for all who were there. It’s common for people to look through old pictures, but viewing old videos has never been easy; the devices used to show old film and tape is becoming obsolete. Like anyone else, we don’t want our past to fade with time. The technology exists to protect, preserve and share those precious memories!

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